The 5 Best Summer Dresses In My Wardrobe (So Far) This Year

Knowing that dresses are going to be an essential go-to for most of summer is no hard feat, however finding pieces which can become a staple part of your summer wardrobe is where the challenge can sometimes lie. This year we’re seeing the up-rise of the powerful female form within spring summer trends. However, when I say powerful I don’t mean in the cuts and shapes of what we wear, but more about how you actually feel within you’re chosen pieces. Because the truth is when we feel comfortable in our clothing that’s when we feel our most confident.

Feeling comfortable for me is about clothing which leaves me care-free. It’s also about feeling good about how you look yet also comfortable with the feel of the fabric. It’s about going out for the day and not worrying about nip slips or Marilyn Monroe moments if a gust of win unexpectedly bellows underneath you. I’ve owned plenty of dresses in my time which looked nice on the hanger however…

I’ve put together a selection of dresses I’ve been wearing non-stop recently and plan to continue wearing long into the coming summer. I’m not a ‘wear it once’ kind of gal and definitely not a ‘wear it for the gram’ one either so trust me when I say I hold these dresses in high regard. Here are my favourites:


Wear it: Daytime, Festivals, On Holiday

An abundance of daisy prints has hit the high street rails as we entered into SS19 and there’s not much chance of scrolling Instagram each day without seeing at least one daisy clad item. This Nobody’s Child number is lightweight, comfortable and creates curves in all the right places with it’s tea dress shape.


Wear it: Evening parties, date night, daytime dressed down with trainers.

I’ve had this dress since February when I took a trip to Lisbon for a weekend getaway and the weather was surprisingly very welcoming. It’s from one of my favourite online stores NAKD (they do the best selections of chic timeless pieces) and I was really drawn to it because of it’s tailored and structured feel. Yet though it has a very straight cuffed look it also has it’s feminine touches with the frilled waistline and pleated skirt.


Wear it: Day Drinks, Daytime Festivals, Summer Parties

I love a good wrap dress because the shape can be so flattering on the neckline. The downside can sometimes be that the neckline comes too low and if you’ve not been blessed in certain departments the neckline can gape revealing a little too much bra on show. Now of course this can easily be fixed with some nifty safety pin work. However having a dress that fits nicely on the neckline has always been my preference. Enter the Arket floral crepe dress which does just that. Plus it’s gorgeous green colour and floral design are perfect summer.


Wear it: Picnic in the park, Days Out, Punting on the River, Beach Days

I have seen this ASOS dress here there and everywhere and it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most popular high street dresses of the season. With a gorgeous square neckline, puffed sleeves, and summer checks it is the ideal dress to wear for many many day time occasions. The kind of dress which could make someone double-take with it’s subtle yet eye catching beauty & simplicity.


Wear it: Day out shopping, Lunch with Friends, On Holiday

Finally I finish this post with this powder blue piece of perfection. I love the simple structure of the dress which sits between a shift and an A – Line along with it’s to die for colour. Plus the subtle collar zip just adds some detail saving the dress from being at all basic. The collar and the rolled sleeve also add to the structure of the dress yet because of the gentle colour it distracts from being androgynous and still holds a very feminine feel.

*All dresses in this post have been gifted however the post and opinions are my own views and creation.

Until the next time. x

Author: Natasha Todd