An evening in Paris celebrating Lalique Soleil

It’s been a dream of mine to visit Paris for a very long time. The jaw dropping beauty of its landmarks, it’s wonderful café culture and it’s huge influence in fashion & culture is something which has tempted me as a way of life for as long as I can remember.  I lust for the effortless lifestyle of a modern day Parisian woman and finally getting to experience the ‘day in the life’ was a dream in every way. Perhaps this is the reason why it has taken me so long to visit my idyllic city, I was waiting for the opportunity to visit in style. And my goodness did we do that. Attending for the launch of Lalique’s Soleil Fragrance, we were treated to spending a night in Grand Paree as we enjoyed an evening celebrating and learning of the magic which has gone into crafting the delicious Soleil Parfum.

Located in the multicultural 13th arrondissement of Paris, the event was held within a leafy embellished building which felt like you were entering an exotic secret garden. Upon entering the building we were instantly struck by the glow of pink sunbeam lights which splayed across a feature wall along with a bar laden with champagne flutes and beautifully coloured cocktails. The party was in full swing and guests were exploring the many activities which had been displayed to help us learn as much as possible about the creation of Lalique’s first ever fragrance.

Our first port of call was to explore the ingredients which help to create that well crafted, delicate & sweet summer scent which Lalique Soleil captures so well. The desire behind the infusion of scents was to replicate the feeling you experience when you wake up on a beautiful summers day. The warmth and comfort which embraces you as golden sunlight streams through the curtains, the creamy aromas of a café latte at it sits snugly between the palms of your hands and the gentle fruity touches of pear granita and mandarin notes replicating the sweet delicious flavours of your breakfast. Individually smelling and tasting some of these mouth-watering scents brought the fragrance to life for us as we palleted the varying flavours which helped us envision that perfect summer’s morning.

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying fun activities such as choosing names to go on our own personal bracelets and having temporary tattoos of golden suns embellished onto our wrists. We mingled with guests and enjoyed a flavoursome selection of hors d’œuvres alongside refreshing glasses of prosecco. The warming décor of pink and golden accents were the perfect touch to the venue and reflected the colours of the perfumes packaging.

It was an honour to be invited and welcomed to such an exquisite event and as I’ve always been one to opt for sweet and light fragrances, I am so looking forward to wearing this fragrance for the rest of summer. I especially love the design of the glass which the fragrance is so beautifully kept in, the shape replicating beams of sunlight to help you bring to life the perfect summer’s morning.

*This post is a paid partnership with Lalique and the trip was gifted, however all opinions are my own.

Until the next time…x

Author: Natasha Todd