Styling My Hair For Summer With GHD

This summer I am opting to keep my hairstyle as laidback as possible! Normally I would consider curling my hair as a go-to style to be quite the high maintenance option (a true claim for someone like me who often begrudges having to even put makeup on in the morning). However, luckily a styling tool has come into my life which has really turned around my views towards spending time getting ready each day in a 560 degree turn as Tommy would say (Love Island fans that ones for you). The GHD Platinum+ Styler not only is sleek looking but also boasts some very clever technology which allows the plates to adapt it’s heat output depending on the thickness of your hair. E.g. on thinner parts of your hair it will lower the temperature to prevent less damage. Now how clever is that!

When it comes to using the styler, I’ve found the plates to glide so effortlessly over my hair never pulling or snagging on any strands. In the past I have used straighteners which have done this and I can tell you it’s one of the most irritating things which can happen when getting ready so I’m pretty chuffed this is definitely not the case with the Platinum+ styler. Plus the speed in which this tool can heat up is nothing that I have ever seen before (ideal for my lack of patience when getting ready each morning). I also very much enjoy the little jingle noise it makes when turning on and then telling you when it’s the right temperature to use (which takes a mere 20 seconds!!!) This really is the smartest styling tool I’ve ever used.

Curling my hair has become so effortless. The styler is fast to turn on, smooth to use on my hair and produces lovely soft curls in a matter of no time. The ultra zone predictive technology which allows the plates to recognise the section size and thickness of your hair plus the speed you are using the tool means the styler can adjust it’s heat accordingly. This technology I just didn’t know could exist in my day-to-day hair styling routine but it’s something I really favour after recently lightening my hair. Especially as now I need to take extra special care of how much heat I put on it to not damage my hair further.

My good hair days have become even better hair days after discovering the GHD Platinum+ Styler. Creating laidback soft curls is now the easiest thing and takes no time at all, just want I wanted for my summer look! Plus I am obsessed with the shine this styler gives my curls. Check out some other great ways to style your hair with the Platinum+ styler here!

*This post is a gifted AD however all opinions are 100% my own!

Until the next time loves x

Author: Natasha Todd