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Welcome to my online space! I created this site as a place to capture memories and spark inspiration for fellow people who share an interest in fashion, travel and popular culture. My passion lies in creating captivating images so I like to think of this as an online photo journal as I make my way through life. Here’s a little bit about me… 

How did you get into Blogging?

Between the years of 2009-2012 I studied Journalism and Media at Roehampton University and through this learnt to use a little old site called Blogspot. More commonly known amongst the community now as ‘Blogger.com’, initially I used this site purely for my journalism course work however eventually with time I would come to build my first ever personal blog. Having that background experience already in using Blogspot really motivated me to want to create my own blog but the problem was I didn’t have the photography resources to create individual content. My dreams of creating a blog sat on the back burner for several years instead, and it was only when I relocated from London to Ipswich did I find myself looking to reignite the fire. In 2015 I first began putting together the starting points of what we now know as ‘Natasha Todd’.

Music Loves?

I have the broadest taste in music and I find it really hard to pin point a favourite artist or band but these are a few of my most loved ones: Fleetwood Mac, The Bee Gees, Arcade Fire, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, SZA, Drake, ABBA, Kasabian, Frank Ocean, Roy Orbinson, Jhene Aiko and absolutely *anything* 80s. 

Favourite places to eat and drink in Ipswich?

A hard one because I find Ipswich really lacks in diverse independent places but here are a few I’ve experience so far: Applaud Coffee, Arcade Tavern, The Unruly Pig, Kwan Thai, 

Dream Holiday?

Driving down the west coast of America…which we are doing this Summer 2019. EXCITED!

Favourite movies?

Anything Wes Anderson. I am of course a total Harry Potter nerd and I love a good Tarantino film too.

Shops I frequent?

Zara, ASOS, New Look, Topshop, H&M, Mango, ect. I am a high street gal through and through.

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