Welcome to my blog. A little hub I have created to chit chat about all of my favourite things. From Fashion to Podcast recommendations, if you are looking for some lighthearted content from an everyday kinda girl then this is the one for you. I hope you enjoy reading!

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My home collaboration with Desenio

Fashion & lifestyle for the everyday girl

The Daisy London Chakra Collection

September 10, 2018

Am I Happy? It’s something I like to ponder most evenings whilst I pedal the 5 mile cycle ride from work back to my little home on the hill as…

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Month on Film: July

July 31, 2018

Keeping within my new themes of immersive visual content and short snappy easy reading I decided a new feature might be pertinent for the blog. For a long, long time…

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Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens

July 27, 2018

One thing I always slightly resented whilst living in London was how far away everything seemed to be. And as a true testament to my laziness, I found it pretty…

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24 hrs in our Edinburgh Apartment

July 25, 2018

After what can only be perceived as one of the busiest months of my year (or maybe life…) it was with open and rather eager arms that I welcomed in…

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